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Default Re: John Conteh vs. Andre Ward

Originally Posted by Lilo View Post
But yeah if he shows he is strong/durable at the weight (which he probably will be) then I'd prob change to Conteh points. I just don't give out credit based on potential, especially when we've never seen the guy at that weight AND especially against a Brit!
Well, Froch is a Brit.

...and, I'd wager, Froch has a close enough approximation of light heavyweight strength even at 168. He more than held his own against Pascal, who's a bull since moving up. I don't think it's entirely attributable to Pascal being drained, either. Froch is a strong *******. Obviously he's miles behind Conteh in technical proficiency and diversity, but as a barometer of Ward's ability to handle another eight pounds of world class athlete bearing down on him he suits well enough.
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