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Default Re: the what fights did you watch today\scorecard thread.

Wanheng Menayothin UD12 Crison Omayao

115-114 to Omayao on my card, all three judges had it 116-111 Manayothin.

This is an interesting little fight that saw Omayao travel from the Philippines to Thailand to take on a now 26-0, then 18-0 Menoyothin (currently ranked #8 at strawweight by the TBR) for some weird in-between WBC strap.

Omayao is a powderpuff puncher, absolutely nothing on these shots, but he's a good mover with very decent handspeed and a gift for weaving shots together in a pleasing way. Doesn't ever put the brake on to land what you would call combinations though, he's mostly shoe-shining.

Menayothin on the other-hand is this bullet-headed pressure fighter, physically far more sturdy, clearly landing the harder punches (though he's no Jimmy Wilde) but not throwing enough, seemingly needing all his concentration just to keep his guy moving (he corners him only a couple of times).

First couple of rounds, Omayao is running away with it, throwing more, landing more, decent jab upstairs, but he looks fragile and is getting moved about a lot. By this steady pressure. he's winning these rounds without becoming the boss or anything like it.

Menayothin wins a close 3rd landing for the first time with regularity, and he's really chasing Omayao around. Hard to score rounds like this to a fighter. Menayothin has the goods in both aggression and hitting power. Hard to overcome.

After six I have it even, but Omayao nicked the seventh for me with his best punch of the fight, an uppercut, and a couple of fast two-punch combos as well as a decent body attack. I also thought Omayao won the 9th, but Menayothin was also docked a point for a low blow - harshly. It was low, but it was his first of the fight and Omayao was basically ok, so why he decided to dock a point I don't know.

The fight turned a little bit on this low blow and Menayothin took the 10th and 11th but for me, Omayao grabbed the 12th with snipping punches from distance as he kept mobile.

So I had it 6-6 in rounds with the low blow by Menayothin making it a slender win for Omayao on my card. It is the type of fight where you score what you like, maybe, but I'm still a little uncomfy with the judges cards.
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