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Default Re: the what fights did you watch today\scorecard thread.

Holy v Bowe 2.

I've made a promise to myself that any close fights I see, I will watch thrice and take my verdict over 3 viewings as my final decision. The first time I saw this I had holy winning. Second time I had it a draw. Today I just scored it 7-5.... Holy.

I reckon this is his greatest performance ever. I know Bowe was a bit overweight but he was as prime as can get aside from his appetite. I heard an anecdote that before the rematch, steward ordered a pizza every day for a month to Bowe's hotel room and every day it was graciously received. Could explain the extra 11 pounds

I'm on a bit of a holy high atm. Watched some of his pre loss fights from cw to hw and I've never been so impressed by him as I am now. Defence aside he could do a whole lot in the ring.

Anyways this was a great fight and one I thought Bowe was on his way to taking before that great 10th round rally by Holy, followed up by a solid effort in the 11th. Would have been interesting had Holy not got the break for the mouthpiece in the final, even more so had Bowe not got the break for fanman im the 7th.

I think I had Holy 6-2 up after 8 and Bowe was coming on really strong before that finish at the bell in ten. Great fight and just as good as the second imo.

I'm gonna watch Holy v Moorer for the third time as well had both men winning the prior two watches.
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