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Default Re: Nonito donaire, a top 50 atg?

Opening salvo.

We measure fighters about 4 ways- longevity, consistency/dominance (two sides of the same coin but still distinct), quality of opposition, and head to head. For the purposes of this leave h2h out as that us by far the most subjective and probably the least useful since it rewards fighters who peak extremely high Evan if only for a few fights (call this the Buster Douglas problem).

Let's look at Jofre and Harada in terms of the first two. In terms of longevity there isn't a contest; Haradas first and last title win took place five years apart. Let's give Harada all the way to the Famechon which I think he won, and that's eight years. Jofres first title win: 1960. His last was 13 years later in 1973. Even If we take of the three years he was retired that is still longer than Haradas entire career. And Jofre kept fighting and winning.

Consistency and dominance are harder to measure as they are subjective but it is the authors opinion that Jofre was Haradas superior in both; not by large margins but by enough. Harada could be argued to be more accomplished as he won undisputed titles in two divisions and nearly nabbed a piece of a third. But Jofre is certainly more constant, not having those pesky losses that Harada does. Jofre was never stopped as Harada was twice and the draws that dot his record are more indicative of the quirky Brazilian scoring system than an inability to best local competition. Jofre wasn't just winning fights; he was knocking the best fighters in. the world out. Let's give them a tie for dominance, Haradas ass whippings being matched by Jofres knockouts. Surely though Jofre was more consistent putting together longer winning streaks. Hell the only man who best Jofre was Harada and even those fights were close. I've got Jofre up a little so far.

Flea counterpoint!

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