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Default Re: Who won? Leonard or Hagler?

Originally Posted by ELECTRIC GURU View Post
So many rounds you could score either way, i could watch that fight tomorow and score it differently to what i did today.

What i will say is that i think there was plenty of emotion involved with scoring the fight at that time, Hagler was such a huge favourite and it just seemed inconceivable that a career welterweight in Leonard could have just 1 fight in 5 years and then comeback and beat one of the greatest middleweights of all time.

Leonard created the fairytale and the fans got hyped behind that and the 118-110 judge certainly got behind that, i think most of us were expecting a Hagler ko inside 5 rounds.
I find that happens in boxing quite a bit.
Everyone loves those types of stories where someone does something against the odds and it wins hearts and clouds the reality of what really happened.
I thought Leonard shaded it, when I watched the fight years ago, but it was real close and a friend felt Hagler won close. It was that type of fight.
I will have to watch it again.

I was in the minority when watching live, that Leonard shaded it against Hearns in the rematch, but will have to watch that one again also
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