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Default Re: Nonito donaire, a top 50 atg?


I do rate Jofre better for all those things. Hence why Harada's wins over him see him rank so highly for me, knowing what I know of Jofre if he'd never have fought Harada I'd scoff at anyone giving Masahiko a chance to beat him.

Also, Harada's short career is something I give him credit for; to achieve what he did in such few years is an outstanding achievement.

That's why I rank Foreman so high in my HW list; winning the title at his age is enough to see him supercede fighters with more impressive wins on the resume.

There's where I stand and it's a conclusion I only came to only about 18 months ago or so.

As it stands both men sit comfortably in the 30-40 bracket. Harada for being (arguably) the man from fly to feather (even if those reigns were interrupted, hence why he isn't an Armstrong-esque force) and in terms of longevity and K.O losses Ray Leonard ranks very highly for some incredible wins and unfathomable P4P achievements despite less fights and more time out than Harada. Do I rank Harada in the 11-20 bracket as I do Ray?

Nope, but he deserves to be mentioned alongside the Mike Spinks', Emile Griffith's and Carlos Ortiz's (and Eder Jofre's) of that 'bracket'.

IMO of course.

Proceed if you have any qualms with the above and I'll be happy to answer but hopefully you'll see where I'm coming from now.
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