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Default Re: Nonito donaire, a top 50 atg?

Originally Posted by AlFrancis View Post
There's film of Esparza on youtube. A lot of those unsung Mexicans were dangerous opponents for anyone.
I'm sure all the greats had tough fights on the way up sometimes even when they were at their peak.
That loss by Harada doesn't take anything away his standing as far as I'm concerned.
My old fella used to tell me, doesn't matter who you are there is always someone that will give you trouble.
I just tend to think the fact he proved his ability to beat superior stylists in a similar vain showed he could apply himself against the very best.

I don't think these losses denote weakness, though they do show a lack of dedication (at times) which of course he loses points for. Same goes for Duran. We know that on his best day he'd beat Laing, so we don't need to assume that losing to Laing makes him a lesser fighter. It does suggest a lack of consistency at that point of his career, which he'd lose points for (whereas Benny Leonard's incredible run is without reproach)

Further to LittleRed's point about 'we rate fighters by...' I agree but I also think you have to take each guy on a case by case basis.
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