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Default Re: Gamboa - doper!

Originally Posted by ero-sennin View Post
This is a good point, and there will never be a level playing field with or without doping, but making PEDS legal would pretty much force the clean athletes to dope even if they did not want to. They would have very valid concerns about their long term health but would have to risk it or be forced out of the game. That's not fair, and that's why making PEDS legal is a bad idea.
The athletes who don't want to dope won't have to dope when it's legal just like they don't have to now. It's not like the world's top clean sprinters would be bowled over with surprise if a couple of suspect Jamaicans were found to be doping.

If they want to stay 'clean' they can stay clean but they should expect to get left behind just like a weightlifter would expect to get left behind if he decided he didn't want to use protein shakes or drink caffeine for some energy in training.

I don't get the ethical response to using PEDs at all. In my opinion they are just the next step in the evolution of sports science and I really don't see why they should be looked down upon as worse than taking a pain killer or drinking alcohol.
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