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Default Re: Greatest Middleweight once and for all- Greb? Monzon? Hagler?

Originally Posted by KuRuPT View Post

just don't see greb as the best MW in history.. He didn't do enough and beat enough quality in that division to be considered so. It's like saying Duran is a better Welterweight than SRL.. Because he has some good wins there... and is the better p4p fighter.. than by some of your standards is lower and upper weight jump victories matter in a division that he didn't fight in as much.. That makes ZERO sense. Greb did his best work at LHW.. PERIOD. Conflating what he could've done at MW with what he did at LWH is faulty reasoning and not logical.
Outside of possibly Robinson who has more quality wins at middleweight than Greb?

Its my understanding that he fought a lot of matches at higher weights but he also fought plenty against great fighters at middleweight. In fact at a middleweight limit that is two pounds lighter than it is today in an era of same day weigh ins.
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