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Default Re: Gamboa - doper!

Originally Posted by happydrinks View Post
The athletes who don't want to dope won't have to dope when it's legal just like they don't have to now. It's not like the world's top clean sprinters would be bowled over with surprise if a couple of suspect Jamaicans were found to be doping.

If they want to stay 'clean' they can stay clean but they should expect to get left behind just like a weightlifter would expect to get left behind if he decided he didn't want to use protein shakes or drink caffeine for some energy in training.

I don't get the ethical response to using PEDs at all. In my opinion they are just the next step in the evolution of sports science and I really don't see why they should be looked down upon as worse than taking a pain killer or drinking alcohol.

The pressure to dope would increase massively. Coaches, promoters, nutritonists, strength and conditioning coaches would pretty much all say "look, do you want to win or not?" Right now it's easier for the athletes to say no. If things changed, they feel guilty for not doing everything it takes to win, because now it's legal and they have no moral high ground to stand on anymore. They can't use the "it's illegal and unfair" excuse anymore.

I mean, maybe you could argue that the same is true today. If most athletes are doping then there is already a huge pressure to dope, but we don't know for sure how common it is. We don't know if most athletes are doping or if it's just a small percentage. I mean....I don't know man.

Your claim about testosterone being safe to take in the long run, I'm not sure if it's even true. Haven't done much reading on the subject, but c'mon brah, do you honestly think they would stop at testosterone? The side effects of PEDS including but not limited to testosterone are well documented, and even if there is a "safe" amount to take, do you really see athletes being that responsible about their health or will they just do whatever it takes to be at their best-and if that means juicing up to the eye***** then so be it?

As for the ethical argument, when it comes to sports it's perfectly valid. I view it as cheating. This doesn't mean I don't respect these guys as athletes. Lance Armstrong is still a badass athlete even though he doped, but he was a cheat. Yeah, others were doping also, but not everyone was, so it's still an unfair advantage. Outside of sports, it's different. If you're not a competitive athlete then PED use is not immoral or wrong IMO. As long as you're not competing, it's not much different to taking supplements. If you're just a guy who goes to the gym to lift weights and want to take PEDS so you can make rapid gains in strength and size, train harder, recover quicker etc, then there's not a whole lot wrong with that. At least not morally. A lot of people will look down on it still, and it has that stigma, but it doesn't really make sense. But then even if it's not morally wrong, you're still putting your health on the line.

I personally would not take PEDs, just because I'm worried about the effects on health. Nothing to do with morals, because I'm not a professional athlete.
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