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Default Re: Holyfield as a h2h force?

Originally Posted by Flea Man View Post
Yeah but you said 'against these greats' I thought must've misread.

That's my point though. Was he past his best against Moorer? Bowe III you'd have thought so. But then he beat Moorer, did the unthinkable against Tyson (at the time it was, I remember) and even came back to give Lewis hassle after he'd been beaten by him.

He was a different shape after a while. A different fighter essentially. That's my point, which one do you take? Each one has attributes they can bring in to different fights IMO.

Anyway, he was 'roiding his nut off I'm sure but he was on the decline (I do agree with that) and a fair few monsters of the time may well have been.

I also love Evander to bits so give him as much leeway as I possibly can
Meh great is ambiguos some call him great some dont.

Was holy better at anything than previous against Tyson though?
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