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Default Re: Who's Next 4 Mikey?????

Originally Posted by Doc View Post
Grj is a hypejob who is being moved along as low as a fat girl walking in dead heat, gtfo

You really think dude is ready to step upbin class so soon into a title shot I'll gladly watch mikey beat the **** out of grj, glass will shatter.

Like I said u think he ready? For that matter you think those guiding his career as slow as **** will put him in with mikey such a hard hitting patient beast? Come on now. Use Ur head.
Yeah, as a matter of fact, I think he's ready for Mikey. Mikey dosn't bring no better skillset to the table than he does, power included. I don't know or give a **** about who's guiding his career. All I'm saying is that he is ready for Mikey Garcia. He is also patient, precise, hits hard,and has excellent technique. Beating Salido wasn't no major feat and if the fight had of went 12, It might have been a different result. I think G.R. would have knocked Salido's ass out. Plus I would gladly watch GRJ tatoo Mikeys ass in rapid succession and close the show with a vicious left hook.
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