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Default Re: Nigel Benn & The Es*** boys

Originally Posted by Peter__1987 View Post

I'm sure Leach does lie about a lot mate (like all hardmen do) what I was alluding too was in comparison to the rest of the 'celebrity gangsters' he's not THAT bad.

Have you read his book? He doesn't actually make very many outlandish claims at all.
I read it a few years ago mate.Actually it was a good bit before he had the movie so he was just another criminal-turned-author whose book I read because it was lying about.
The only thing that stuck in my mind was when he talked of never having been to jail but had come close..blah,blah.
A good sign of a successful criminal is someone who's never been to jail and it's only an indication of failure if you have been,but when guys like Leach feel the need to justify not having been,my bull**** filter goes onto Code Red,and it's a big ask to regain even a modicum of credibility after that.
Bottom line is he tried to make a celebrity name for himself purely on the basis of being close friends with a dead bully.
Not my cup of tea mate,but it's only my opinion.
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