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Default Re: Liston v Wlad Klitschko

agree completely mate.

I can see Liston marching forward as Brewster did making Wlad do a lot of hard work at a pace his frame isn't suites for. Where Brewster was ducking and weaving Liston will be coming in behind a jab throwing hard hooks to the body.

Eventually Wlad will lower his hands and his feet won't quite be quick enough to get out of the way of Listons bomb.

I reckon Wlad could take him out if he landed the right shot but chances are he'll land troubling shots but shots which Liston can absorb.

I mean Brewster only landed two big punches, one left hook to the body, one left hook to the head. Nothing else had particular mus**** on it, it's just that Wlad can't operate at that pace.

Gives me newfound appreciation of what an athlete Bowe must have been to go twelve hard rounds with his frame.
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