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Default Re: Holyfield as a h2h force?

I think he beats the following: vitali, wlad, holmes(!), Johnson, marciano, foreman, Dempsey.

I think he loses to Lewis, Ali, Tyson (!).

I reckon my only controversial picks might be the victory over Holmes and the loss to Tyson.

Against Holmes I think he could actually outjab him at times, his jab isn't as good but he's quicker on hand and feet. When he's bouncing around pumping his jab not many in history are gonna land first. I also think holy is better at timing the counter right hand he had a nack of getting opponents walking onto it. I also think holy can mix his punches better in close. I'm basically saying I think that as complete as Holmes was, Holy was just that bit better. Given the fighting spirit of both this will end up being a war with back and forth head snapping. I just think holy has the edge as he'll get his shots off first more often than not.

Against Tyson my pick is purely down to how highly I rate the way Tyson delivers his power shots. Holy is there to be hit and anyone there to be hit is gonna lose to Tyson imo unless they can deliver their power punches even better and Louis aside i can think of noone who can.

quite importantly I think his frame is completely overlooked. He was small in his era but any era before, 6'2 and 215 solid muscle, he's considered a giant. I think a misconception of him being a small heavyweight is just that, a misconception.

Maybe everyone else has always seen holy as this h2h beast but I know I sure didnt. However I've watched quite a lot of him tonight from earlier blistering combinations to pure will power and heart. He is a great great fighter. Beating guys like Rahman and Ruiz and Valuev this century is just icing on the cake.
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