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Default Re: 4 Guys who Whoop Mathysse!!

Originally Posted by klimting View Post
Money May- Would beat him on the back foot. Lucas not refined enough to catch him. Floyd would be more safety first than any other fight in his career; but would UD him.
Tim Bradley- 50/50 i reckon. Bradley is a better boxer but i think his lack of pop would lead to Lucas being undeterred. Eventually he's going to land bombs; Bradley's chin is so far so good so it remains to be seen whether he can take those shots off Matthysse.
Ghost Guerrero- Iron Chin, Great boxer schools .....yes, but also loves to 'prove his warrior spirit' and indulge in fire-fights. Not sure if his chin would hold up. 50/50 i guess......
Marquez- Would have to box smart and avoid exchanging with Lucas; if he fought in the same manner as he did in Pac III then i'm sure he would take a UD no bother.
Lucas doens't punch harder than Mosley or Oscar and PBF didn't fight either off his back foot. PBF doesn't need to be on his back foot to beat a limited and slow guy like Matthysee he can stay in the pocket make him miss beat him to the punch and counter the shit outta him. Not to mention he hits hard enough to get your respect.
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