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Default Re: 4 Guys who Whoop Mathysse!!

Originally Posted by klimting View Post
Money May- Would beat him on the back foot. Lucas not refined enough to catch him. Floyd would be more safety first than any other fight in his career; but would UD him.
Tim Bradley- 50/50 i reckon. Bradley is a better boxer but i think his lack of pop would lead to Lucas being undeterred. Eventually he's going to land bombs; Bradley's chin is so far so good so it remains to be seen whether he can take those shots off Matthysse.
Ghost Guerrero- Iron Chin, Great boxer schools .....yes, but also loves to 'prove his warrior spirit' and indulge in fire-fights. Not sure if his chin would hold up. 50/50 i guess......
Marquez- Would have to box smart and avoid exchanging with Lucas; if he fought in the same manner as he did in Pac III then i'm sure he would take a UD no bother.
Lucas doens't punch harder than Mosley or Oscar and PBF didn't fight either off his back foot. PBF doesn't need to be on his back foot to beat a limited and slow guy like Matthysee he can stay in the pocket make him miss beat him to the punch and counter the **** outta him. Not to mention he hits hard enough to get your respect.
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