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Default Re: PED use in boxing - Is it particularly an American based problem?

Originally Posted by Pimp C View Post
Armstrong is a disgrace, I always suspected him of cheating. I doubt he will get anything back he's being threatened from law suits all over the place and might even end up in jail when it's all said in done. The guy is done and hated here.

I often wonder how much ppl really know about the doping system? You seem to really hate Armstrong but he's a product of his generation. I can respect ppl who hate on him on a base level, but really yall don't know what's going on. Everyone in that era doped, everyone.

Before you go off the edge, you should consider that in that generation everyone doped, even those who thought they were clean! The systems that are now championing their cleanliness were once full of cheats.

So who really is at fault for the Armstrongs of today?
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