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Default Re: Fury dishing out the trash talk again!

Originally Posted by PaulieMc View Post
Fury's like a professional wrestler, he cuts promos because he knows fans will pay attention to him when he talks. Sometimes he's ****ing hilarious (e.g. when he called Price and Bellew gay) and other times he just comes across as attention-seeking sad-act (e.g. calling out Cain Velasquez).

You can tell when he's properly interviewed that he's a clever bloke who knows what time it is. However, if he's not going to fight Price then he just needs to shut up about him (likewise for David and Maloney).

As for what he's saying Vitali and Wladimir, he's spot on in slagging off the way they fight but if he keeps doing it I fear he's only hurting his chances of fighting them. Both of them and their Bernt Boente have said that they're fed up fighting trashing talking Brits and Haye and Chisora. If I were Tyson I would just not speak about them for now and instead just work my way up the ladder.
I've noticed a massive turn around in that,Price fans spend most of their time talking about Fury now,it's easy to see why though considering how absolutely dull Price is.I agree about the slagging off Wlad and Vitali though,he's more than capable of earning a shot with his fists.
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