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Default Re: Greatest Middleweight once and for all- Greb? Monzon? Hagler?

Originally Posted by KuRuPT View Post
Ummmm Burt.. I see only ONE great MW on his resume.. and that one he has a losing record 2. The other notable name on his resume was a better Welterweight than he was a MW... So no, his MW resume isn't the best thing since sliced bread like you like to make out all his accomplishments. Greb is a better p4p fighter no doubt.. but going strictly by his MW victories... he's not.. and really he's lucky to get 4th
Note that Greb's losing record to Flowers essentially comes down to two very controversial losses after he'd already been suffering severe visual impairment and was on the slide anyway due to his age and the hectic career behind him.

Walker was an extremely good middleweight despite being a better welterweight, much like Thomas Hearns.

You seem to allow very little slack; it's almost as though you're Boxreccing Greb's fights under 160lbs and counting only those. The point has already been made that Greb was always able to make the limit, so surely his three-pounds-over-the-limit victory over Jimmy Slattery (Hall of Fame middleweight and later light heavyweight) would count in his favour, just like Carlos Monzon's non-title bout against contender Fraser Scott would add to his list of reputable middleweight opponents, no?
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