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Default Re: mundine; LEGACY OF IDIOCY.

Originally Posted by pourya View Post
i am not a fan of mundine but his legacy will be his bank account.

I read somewhere that he has made over 20 million dollars or there abouts over the years from PPV fights.

So go figure!!!!

Hes right, he needs the haters and the haters are paying his bills-

BUt to answer your question regardless of his mouth, he has big pair of *****. He walked away from 600k salary to fight- to me that is BIG- now he hasnt been a major world champion but has one a belt or two and i think given what he has done as an athlete, that is a BIG Achievement.

Playing league at the highest level and also boxing at the highest level against champions is kind of a big deal.

Now you could say hes an idiot or etc but the truth about his achievements cant be denied.

But how much of it (20mil) will he really have by the end of it all..... and i wonder how much Khoder has robbed him to date.

Really why is Mundine still fighting?? It's not legacy because he had opportunities in the past that he didn't take, is he really that well off at the moment
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