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Default Re: ESB ATGs Muay Thai / KickBoxing fighters Thread

Originally Posted by stormy0 View Post
I just watched the Hippy Singmanee vs Jaid Seddah fight; Jaid showed a lot of heart, but man Hippy is just a technical master! The golden age technicians are awesome to watch!
Originally Posted by yaca you View Post
In the Hippy vs Jaid vid, I laughed at the Ram Muay

Hippy has been one of my favorites to watch. Not much video on him though. Smart fighter, but puts it all on the line, good reflexes and power. Really enjoys to mix it up. fun fighter to watch.
I can’t see any of the vids you lads have posted yet, so can't join in all the fun yet! But as you’re all enjoying Hippy I thought I’d chip in and upload this clip of him against fellow Southern ATG beast Charoensap the “Diamond Heart”. (Super slow connection you boyz owe me!)

This is an interesting match up as this is a massive spicy Southern rivalry with both lads being from Thung Song in Nakhon Si Thammarat, where a lot of great fighters have come from over the years. This is “Muay Dai” (Southern Boxing) or to be more exact “Muay Nakon”! Hippy is the naturally smaller man in this fight having been pretty much untouchable at both 105 & 108 being Lumpinee Champ at both weights, but he’s going up for this one into deep deep "Diamond Heart" territory! Hippy is the more rounded fighter and very technical with true southern fire in his belly against Chareonsap who's equally as fiery and techinical although as an elbow & knee specialist, a master in the clinch and a super durable beast to boot, a kinda “takes a lickin and keeps on kickin!” type fighter who we’ve spoken about before in this thread. However, he’s a knee and elbow specialist more in the mold of Chamuekpet then Langsuan, so a guy who is all come forward but who also has a little flair and elegance rather than the typical forward marching seek & destroy knee machine! Chareonsap was a Lumpinee champ at 115.


(I was gonna post a clip of Chareonsap in beast mode a few years after his sell by date fighting as Omnoi, but it's vanished form my channel!)

For those not familiar with the make up of the Thai fight scene most fighters come from rural Issan in the north east of Thailand, the nations rice bowl. It has a huge population and also the deepest levels of poverty. Very few fighters come form the north up by Chang Mai and Chang Rai, a fair few come form central Thailand and then you get the tasty southerners! In Muay Thai circles Southern boxers are known as a bit special and famous for their fiery and very competitive personalities in the ring, always making for a tough fight. The Southern fight scene is pretty tough and competitive testing ground at all levels including the kids, it’s a scene that has bred some of the biggest names in the sport whether they be warrior types like Anuwat of technical masters like Ole and Poot Lorlek. When talking Southern fighters the term “Quality not quantity” really applies. Just a few elite southerners that immediately pop in the head: Namsaknoi, Ole, Poot Lorlek, Jomhod, Anuwat, Namkhabuan, Penek, Namsaknoi etc. etc. etc.

This is all current relevant for me cos I’m down south at the moment. I’ve taken some great footage at a gym here in Trang I was training at last week. It’s a gym that actually specializes in pumping out pint-sized champs, the kids. So once I’ve edited I’ll upload some and it’ll shed some light on Stormy’s comment about Yod and Sam A’s advanced skill level at only the apparent “tender” ages of 16 & 18.
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