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Default Re: Who was better: The Juan Meza that Payakaroon beat or...

I'd go with Meza as the better fighter.

Fairly typical mexican textbook oriented box-fighter skills-wise....nothing too notable there, but solid enough, a dangerous puncher and throws a fair amount of quality punches.Methodical and a bit slow of foot at times.

Cordoba's an awkward outfighter who can s**** a bit.Doesn't have much sharpness to him though in any area.Better than average perhaps for a lower weight contender of this era, but an ordinary talent really.

I remember payakaroon beating Meza very comfortably and looking good throughout, if a bit lazy and casual at times.One of many fights that is overdue a rewatch though.

Rigondeaux looked good until he got briefly stunned by a right jab.Fight reminded me a bit of Kalule v Kudo up until then.Rigondeaux just taking it easy, sliding forward and picking him off, showing some good defence.

After he went into stick and move\perimeter mover mode he looked a lot less convincing.Didn't look comfortable or potent offensively in that role, even though Cordoba was incapable of getting punches off on the frontfoot.Settled down a bit again at the very end, but it was a worrying fight to me as far as how easily he gave up the initiative.Makes me wonder how he'll hander a better fighter being able to land more consistently on him.
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