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Default Re: PED use in boxing - Is it particularly an American based problem?

Originally Posted by juice20 View Post
PEDs are an international problem. Sports culture in certain countries, mainly ex soviet bloc, had them ingrained into the system (some still do as evidenced by olympic scandals etc). Legalities are different from country to country as well, which also makes obtaining them easier in some countries outside of North America. It seems bigger in the US because, quite frankly, the biggest and most lucrative sports leagues on the planet are based there, and reaching the top level of sport, to secure a career, income, the ability to take care of people monetarily, and just plain ego causes a lot of athletes to go that route.....but it is not a strictly an american problem.
Thank you juice.

Great post from someone who has knowledge on PEDs...

To think that it is just an American problem is bull****, anyone who thinks that certainly has agenda behind their argument. Boxing has been full of PEDs world wide for decades.. Those who think otherwise or think it has to do with nationality are the ones living in the clouds.
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