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Default Re: Sparring vid. Tips?

Cause it's a ****ty training technique, bro.

I understand being defensive; But here's the thing, man, getting wailed on while beat tired serves no purpose to anybody. It looks like you were knackered; No business even getting punched at that point.

Also, basics, basics, basics. Go right back to the drawing board. If you cant atleast hold form under fire, you open yourself up to creating some real bad habits for yourself. I'd work a bit before going live fire anymore.

I second guess your trainer. Having a green and grass lady fighter use a gassed male fighter as a punching bag is just stupid. You aren't ready for six rounds of sparring in this "suicide" fashion, and it's up to HIM to realize that. You had nothing to offer at all, that's just plain dumb.

Keep working, simplify things, and keep OUT of the ring once you've used up all you have. You didn't help her, you looked like ****, and you learned squat.

You want criticism, but there is very little to criticize; You have bad form in these videos, you don't stick to the basics, and you aren't DOING IT RIGHT. Go do a REAL spar, when you are fresh as a daisy, and going hard enough that you actually use some real boxing skill and explosion, and then we'd have more to talk about. Getting run around while gassed, people are going to tell you, hey, you got ran around and you looked tired. Give us some real evaluation material if you want a real evaluation.
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