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Default Re: Why were many old time boxers so scrawny looking

Originally Posted by MagnaNasakki View Post
Sunday-Rest Day

Monday-600 stomach crunches all different angles,hammer strength bench press,high-back rows and pull-ups with weights held between his feet all done as a super-set. Then tricep dips, dumbbell hang-cleans and reverse bicep-curls. Finish with 100 pushups. Then Juan spends a hour and half on the rotating stairmaster machine. Then he swims for a mile in a half which last about 45 minutes.

Tuesday-5 minute warmup, abdominal,neck and hip work. 3 rounds of shadow-boxing,12-15 rounds of bag,pad,jump rope and sparring. Day ends with 5 mile stairmaster session.

Wednesday-50 standard pushups,10 reps of each plyometric push-ups,wude-stance pushups and hip-elevated pushups. Minute and half rest then repeat that routine then rest and repeat agian. 3 sets up pullups until failure followed by 3 sets up hyperextension back exercises. Mile and half swimming in the pool.

Thursday-5 minute warmup,abdominal,neck,hip work. 3 rounds of shadowboxing,12-15 rounds of bag,pad,jump rope and sparring. 5 miles on the stairmaster.

Friday-3 sets of split-stance lunges while holding 40 pound dumbbells,Juan then does 3 sets of dumbbell deadlifts adding a calf raise into each rep. Sit and Squat where Juan stands next to a bench holding 40 pound dumbbells and do squats until hes in a seated postion before going back up. Finishes workout with 2 sets of seated leg pressed with 400 pounds.
1 1/2 hour swim.

Saturday-5 minute warmup,abdominal,neck,hip work.3 rounds of shadow boxing,12-15 rounds of bag,pad,jump rope and sparring. 5 miles of stairmaster machine.

This is written from a catalog by a past poster, but I have the magazine. And it is, quite possibly, one of the better boxing workouts ever devised. I've done something similar, and it worked great.

thanks sounds like an amazing work out
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