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Default Re: Devon Alexander V Kell Brook fight poster

Originally Posted by IntentionalButt View Post
Kell's gonna get his ****in head kicked in.
Your take is making me feel kinda downcast (no pun) I just recently began to follow your erudite posts. I would have wished that you had my mindset on this one - that I truly believe Brook would win. My knowledge of boxing is more limited compared to what I fathom yours to be, tho'. Still, I'll hold my ground.

Not to give myself any credits, but this reminds me of a time I just started following Genaro G, based on his consistently correct predictions of outcomes of quite a number of high-profile fights. Then he came up with his ****-sure prediction that Chavez Jr. would whip Martinez. I promptly disagreed and got off that train.

In your own case however, IB, I follow you solely based off your knowledge, so nothing will change for me there any time soon. And ain't too proud to state so.

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