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Default Re: Why were many old time boxers so scrawny looking

Originally Posted by Johnstown View Post
what is your issue? where are you getting that from?

Weights can prevent injuries, they can also cause injuries too (ever seen a nude with a ripped peck muscle? aint pretty)..running can cause injuries, it can also make your lungs and legs stronger stronger...they all have positive and negative points and its about being intelligence in how you apply each.

my issue is everyone here hates on weights and cant prove anything really bad about them expect what some old coach tells

but the same people tell you the wonders of running
like the ones you mentioned and i agree with you
but when you i mention the negatives of running,
they attack you with no proof of they are talking about

then you post up videos-articles-personal stories that support
your argument,
and they ignore it totally

next thread, they do the same ****ing thing

thats my issue

just like what the ones i posted now
will be ignored
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