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Default Re: Why Are The US Heavweights So Poor Now?

Originally Posted by reed_man02 View Post
yea but u don't have to be fast. just big, strong and tough. i think frazier would have went to the nfl if he was around today. didn't the gym he used to train at go outta of business. it would have been extremely tough for frazier to get into boxing today.
Frazier was neither particularly big, nor strong, and he wasn't just "not fast" he was slow as a snail. He might well have gone to the NFL, but they would never have let him in.

Likelihood is, Frazier wouldn't have been doing any other sport if he wasn't boxing. He was made for it. In fact he'd probably still go into boxing today given a similar upbringing, though he wouldn't be anywhere near as good. The sport simply wouldn't develop him in the same way.
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