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Default Re: Sparring vid. Tips?

Originally Posted by Johnstown View Post
Honestly i could see having someone spar when they are exhausted maybe one time...and than have it done with someone who can't really hurt them..maybe just one time..just to give them the physical and mental feel of it..and than say "see, we wan't to get you into such good shape that you never end up feeling that way in fight"...

thats hit..i could see doing it once for that reason..but using it as a regular training technique is just plain dumb.
It's not my trainer's fault I was exhausted. It's my own fault. I need to work on my stamina. I shouldn't be that winded after five rounds. The point of the exercise isn't to purposefully put an exhausted fighter against a fresh one. I've seen guys go up to six rounds and still be fresh as a daisy. We do the exercise, and if you are winded, that's on you. That means you need to get your **** on your endurance.

My coach also wouldn't have let me get pounded like that against a experienced fighter. When I get in trouble against the experienced guys, he is always quick to break it if I'm unable to find my way out. He knows the girl couldn't really hurt me. He knew that the only thing that was really wrong with me was exhaustion. That's why he kept yelling "keep going until he takes a knee!"
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