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Default Re: Senchenko out as opponent for khan

Originally Posted by Lazarus View Post
Saying that he's one of the most vulnerable fighters in the game. That's extreme, very extreme.

Don't forget he's fighting at the highest level in his division. Rico, if that chin is so bad, please explain how he took Maidana's, Judah's, Peterson's punches. No chin is made to withstand shots. Why is that when we see knock outs, do we have to presume that someone's chin is weak? Yeah alright he's been KD'd before when he was a young lightweight, against mediocre opposition (with all due respect to them) but what did he do after that? Go up a division and face world level opposition and take their punches, but go back to the same old reputation because he's been stopped in his fight w/ Garcia.

Them comments are just based on general influence of what everyone keeps saying. He's nowhere near as vulnerable as you're assuming.

Virg says it well.

what in molina and then cano
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