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Default Re: Senchenko out as opponent for khan

Originally Posted by Lazarus View Post
Saying that he's one of the most vulnerable fighters in the game. That's extreme, very extreme.

Don't forget he's fighting at the highest level in his division. Rico, if that chin is so bad, please explain how he took Maidana's, Judah's, Peterson's punches. No chin is made to withstand shots. Why is that when we see knock outs, do we have to presume that someone's chin is weak? Yeah alright he's been KD'd before when he was a young lightweight, against mediocre opposition (with all due respect to them) but what did he do after that? Go up a division and face world level opposition and take their punches, but go back to the same old reputation because he's been stopped in his fight w/ Garcia.

Them comments are just based on general influence of what everyone keeps saying. He's nowhere near as vulnerable as you're assuming.
By the way, when I mentioned ‘chin’, I was referring to his overall punch resistance. It’s his punch resistance, a curse, that is below average and leads him into the tricky spots we’ve seen so many times.

Now, in regards to taking punches from Peterson, Judah, Maidana, etc, I wanna’ make the point that staying on your feet does not equate to ‘taking punches well’ (in my opinion, anyway). Judah was put into a shell and didn’t land much, so I’m gonna’ ignore him. But Maidana and Peterson, despite not knocking him down, did manage to rattle him and have him in trouble. The type of trouble they wouldn’t have got him in if he had a reasonable chin. In those fights, as well as the ones that’ll occur in future, you have to ask yourself:
  • Why is he running?
  • Why is he gassing and looking sloppy?
  • Why does he look so weak on the inside?
Well, I think he’s running because he’s just tasted a tough shot and doesn’t have faith in his punch resistance to stay close and get hit again. He’s gassing and looking sloppy because constantly running around, whilst taking tough shots to the head and body here and there, drains tremendous amount of energy from anyone. And he looks weak on the inside because not only can he not take a good punch, but because, as mentioned already, he’s wasted too much energy trying to keep his chin at a safe distance. Oh, and his punching power has diminished rapidly from all of those things, too.

That’s why, Laz, I feel it’s a curse and that lesser opponents -- who need only a good chin and good punching power -- have a great shot at beating him.

Also, it’s worth mentioning that for someone to have a weak punch resistance, it doesn’t mean he has to go down or be hurt from every single punch. A glass-chinned fighter can still show occasions of standing up to punches. It’s just that, when receiving those punches, there’s a higher chance of him being rattled by them. And Khan, during his fairly young career, has given us regular examples of being rattled not only against world class opposition, but against journeymen, too.

Originally Posted by Lazarus View Post
Virg says it well.


And that is an excellent video. Never seen it before, thanks for showing. He’s reiterating what I’ve been saying all along - Khan’s mistakes get magnified and overblown way more than any other fighter. However, the interviewer does kinda’ address why this is the case by alluding to the fact that those left hooks are the same shots that have contributed to all of Khan’s problems in his career:
  • Knocked down in amateurs
  • Knocked down by Limond
  • Knocked down by Gomez
  • Knocked down and brutalised by Prescott
  • Knocked down and brutalised by Garcia
All by left hooks, those. All created life-and-death moments for him – two of them resulting in the latter. So people have a good reason for mentioning his chin and constantly bringing up his flaws when assessing his chances in the ring.
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