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Default Re: Unbeaten Australian Big Daddy Browne calls out David Price !!!!

Originally Posted by Jim Bowen View Post
Also if you could refrain from calling me Britard you're idiotic argument would hold more weight. How can I be a Britard without Scotland NI and Wales?
Britard is a term used for a English know nothing dumbass boxing fan, mostly likely from the Manchester area. It just goes well with Retard. Engtard wouldnt work now would it?

Britards are the one's who say Froch would have demolished Ward if the fight was in Nottingham The same guys who say Amir Khan would be too much for Mayweather with his hand speed The same bunch who think Kel Brooke is the second coming of Sweet pea. The retards who think Tyson Fury could beat one of the Klit brothers. The dumbass who thinks David Haye is an ATG. I could go on all night

I have nothing against the Scottish or Irish boxing fans as they seem to know their shit and don't get caught up in hype. The 1 Welsh boxing fan i speak to is P4P one of the best posters on ESB.
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