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Default Re: Swap around Ken Norton's and Evander Holyfield's.........

Ken Norton 1973 v James 'Buster' Douglas 1990
Norton's would have far to much for a fat and out of shape Douglas. Norton gets to him early, but doesn't finish him off till around the 7/8th
Ken Norton 1973 v George Foreman 1991
Norton should be good enough to do what Michael Moorer did, minus getting knocked out in the 10th. Wide decision for Ken, although the moment George lands something big, Norton's in trouble
Ken Norton 1974 v Bert Cooper 1991
Norton should be good enough to win this. Cooper hit fairly hard though, and Ken struggled with fighters that had elite punching power. There could be a few shaky moments, but Norton would prevail with a fairly comfortable UD
Ken Norton 1974 v Larry Holmes 1992
A no brainer for me. Norton, like Frazier, has one of the best styles to beat Holmes. Deals with Larry more comfortably than Evander did IMO
Ken Norton 1976 v Rid**** Bowe 1992
Now this is tricky. I mean Bowe should win, but pinpointing when the fight gets stopped (if at all) is the tricky part. I don't think Bowe hit as hard as Foreman and Shavers, so I think Ken could last till the later rounds, but I definitely see Bowe ending proceedings while up on the cards.

Evander Holyfield 1990 v Muhammad Ali 1973 (first Norton fight)
Evander's combination punching would give Ali trouble. This one would be a serious 50-50 if you ask me, but I think Ali would nick it.
Evander Holyfield 1991 v Muhammad Ali 1973 (second Norton fight)
I like Evander here. If you look at both of their records they both did better in rematches, but I think Holyfield could swarm Ali, which was the best way to beat him, take him to war and grab a close decision
Evander Holyfield 1991 v George Foreman 1974
In Zaire? It's quite possible Evander could survive the relentless pressure if he boxed smart. The moment he tries to go to war (if it's before the 5th) he's done for. I think Holyfield should be smart enough to box Foreman and wear him down, similarly to what Ali did
Evander Holyfield 1992 v Muhammad Ali 1976
Evander has to be favourite in this one. This would be an absolute war and I see Ali giving to many rounds away while taking a breather as he can't keep up with the incredible pace Holyfield could set in his prime. 10-5 UD to Holyfield. A toughly fought decision, but a clear winner
Evander Holyfield 1992 v Larry Holmes 1978
Holyfield by decision and I'll tell you why. Evander could swarm Larry just like Norton did, and taking into account both of their ages, he probably dies it better and more effective than Ken did. Holmes would be with him all the way and could nick it, but I'll give the slight edge to Holy.

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