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Default Re: PED use in boxing - Is it particularly an American based problem?

No, i don't think usa boxers Peds particularly... In the past, that probably was the case, but actually, keep in mind, not less than 85-90% of professional boxers PEDS in some way, if you don't think that way, you're just naive or in denial; sure, there have been some particularly blatant cases, but they are not particularly significative (Evander Holyfield caught buying PEDS on internet under the fake identity of... Evan Field!! XD XD so naive...) There are things worst than peds, though, for example corrupted referees/judges/doctors: because while two boxers can peds in the same way, and so being equally advantaged, judges can still **** you up in every way possible, and we see this kind of things even actually; usa is particularly prone to cheat in that kind of ways to favour their athletes, and the only reason some boxers accept to still fight there is just the moneys; in this kind of things, usa is gretly responsible for the amount of general corruption present in every level of this sport.
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