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Default Re: Fury dishing out the trash talk again!

Originally Posted by lordgore View Post
His jab is perfectly fine(look at the faces of Firtha,Chisora,Maddalone,Rogan,Johnson after their fights)did I say he had one punch power? Not everyone does...but he has more than enough to beat down and stop opponents on the inside or don't even follow his career,you're a blatant hater and everything you've ever typed about the man screams it so your opinion of him as a boxer is pretty much void to me pal.
Being the massive Price fanboy that you are maybe you can tell me,for a man of his size .. does he seem to neglect his jab?Why does he have no inside game?Why is he so ****ing dull and robotic in and out of the ring? ... Price has great power,which is why I'll watch him fight,but he does nothing that stands out,very very boring style.

Why do you have such a vendetta against Fury ... he's a young lad that has beaten what's put infront of him,including a few unbeaten fighters,Johnson ... fighting Cunningham next,I could understand if he was fighting absolute bums with no intention of stepping up all the while mouthing off ... but he doesn't,I've seen in a few of your posts in the past you refer to him as a filthy gypo and a bum etc why so much malice towards a guy that is doing something you'd never have the *******s to do?
i dont hate Fury, if you read my posts i do say he is entertaining and good for the sport sometimes, but other times he is just stupid and attention seeking. be honest most people know him because of his trash talking rather than his boxing ability.
Price is pretty robotic but he will beat Fury (again) by either outboxing him,controlling him with his jab, or just blowing hiw away with his superior power.
Also i cant recall ever calling Fury a bum, but i slagged him off for vacating his belts, rather than fighting Price, claiming he was moving on etc only to fight Martin Rogan and Maddalone which idiots like you cannot see! He only vacated because he didnt want the price fight. If he would have fought a credible opponent instead of these than no one would have asked questions but his actions proves he wasnt upping the opposition,was he?
as for me having the *******s to do what fury is doing, its not that i havent got the *******s i havent got the boxing ability, but i have tried and it wasnt to be
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