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Default Re: Froch v Kessler Broadcasting rights causing problems!!!!

I think he is aware that he needs to add to the stable in order to put on 14 shows a year of a decent quality. Especially if Rees gets bashed up by Broner and retires, and as Froch only fights twice a year and one of them won't even count that is another conundrum he is facing.

It's all very well saying he should put the dates out to tender but that makes him look inept, he can't take on a 20 date contract then not be able to fill them and go cap in hand to Hatton or Maloney hoping to get them back on Sky!

Part of his problem will be that the others don't want to work with him in any case so even with the stable of fighters he has trying to get them fights is proving difficult as their nearest rivals are often signed to his nearest rivals and they either ask for silly money or just refuse to do it.

In regards to PPV, it's a personal view point, I don't mind paying out a couple of times a year for big fights as long as they're quality match ups and it's an exception to the rule. I wouldn't even pay PPV for BoxNation as I already pay a subscription to them exclusively for boxing whereas with Sky it is just a small part of the package. I fully understand why people have an issue with it but I don't see it as ripping off the fans, I just see it as providing a fight that wouldn't otherwise happen and giving certain fans an opportunity to purchase it.

Lets be honest, if a match up was made that we all wanted to see, say Marquez/Burns or something along those lines, would it be that much of a hard ship to order it for 15 and get 3 mates over to split the cost of it or bring the beers or whatever? It's not a lot of money to me and if it happens twice a year I won't be losing my rag over it!
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