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Default Re: ROCK JAW Neck & Jaw Strengthener

Well, you want evidence that the product works right? I've been using it on my jaw, you have never used it right? so let's see who has a stronger jaw, I'll let you punch my jaw and then it's my turn, how else would you want evidence that it works? yes, that is a brilliant way to advertise . You're saying there's no evidence on the website that it works ,what other way is there to show it works? If a hater tells another guy that his forearm strengthener invention doesn't work, wouldn't arm wrestling eachother be a way to test it? How else would he prove it works?

How about a full page spot in FIGHT! magazine for feb issue enough for a debut ? or should I just keep letting you hate on it so I get a million views in this forum.
Keep up the good work, your posts are getting more views to the website.

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