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Default Re: Kevin Mitchell back out in March!

He always talks about being dragged out the pub by his family and how he needed a boot up the ar*e and all the rest of it, but what is he doing in there in the first place?

Ricky Burns lost to Alex Arthur and KJ earlier in his career but he got back in the gym and became a world champion, he didn't cry and fall apart and go to the pub for 6 months. That is really the difference between a true champion and someone with talent who doesn't make the best of it. Even someone like Froch, NOBODY and I include myself in this thought he would do what he has done after watching the Magee fight. He isn't blessed with amazing reactions or super fast hands or feet but he is so dedicated to fitness and boxing that he has far exceeded everyone's expectations.

Mitchell is perhaps more talented than both of them but his attitude to the sport and the way he treats his body are probably what has kept him back. Having a good team around you is essential and I think Froch and Burns both have a lot to thank their trainers and families for in that respect.
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