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Default Re: PED use in boxing - Is it particularly an American based problem?

Originally Posted by juice20 View Post
I know what you're hinting at here.....most PEDs are absolutely effective, and absolutely give an athlete an edge. That is undeniable, and is beyond proven through science; but because of individuality in the athletes, differing natural talent levels and differing abilities to continue developing physically beyond a certain point, it is difficult to quantify the exact measure of advantage gained from individual to individual. They are absolutely effective, but individual base talent and physical ability is the x factor, not the drugs.
No I'm not, there is no good scientific evidence for the efficacy of most PED's. That doesn't mean that they're not effective but the science we have doesn't show that. Research it yourself. The other things you're saying I agree with. You'll notice that all these names who have made money selling banned drugs to athletes lack any real qualifications. My belief is that the placebo effect is the big advantage in play when athletes take PED's, the naughtier it is the more they believe it will give them an advantage. You have athletes that swear by power bands as well, the placebo effect can be very strong and athletes tend to be very susceptible to it.
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