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Default Re: PED use in boxing - Is it particularly an American based problem?

Originally Posted by Big Left View Post
Steriod is rife in American sports, boxing in particualr. Almost every American superstar boxer of the past 20 years has been on PEDs. Mosley, Holyfield, Tarver, RJJ, Toney.... the list is endless.

In the UK, the sense of fairplay is still very strong. It is not like American - win at all costs or be forgotton about. When Dwain Chambers was caught doping the UK althetic commitee banned him for life and it was only the threat of being sued and the ruling of the World athletic body that allowed him to compete again.

Th fact that Americans even rate fighters like RJJ, Mosley, Holyfield, Toney, Tarver etc just sums it all up. In the UK these guys would be outcasts and not given the time of day by anyone.
Terrific post Big Left, the likes of Mosley, Holyfield, Jones, and Toney are a disgrace to the sport, its such a shame that random testing wasn't around 365 days a year whilst these guys were fighting, the truth is that they were barely tested and were still guilty of disgracing the sport.

Theres so many american based guys in that 90s and 2000s era that would have been busted big time but the testing in professional american bouts never kicked in till after 2000 and these guys were given free reign to cheat as they pleased. Even when they were found guilty, the sporting governing bodies and promoters in America were happy to cover the cheating up and pretend it never happenned.
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