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Default Re: Gamboa - allegedly used PEDs

Originally Posted by Jack View Post

That video is cringeworthy. For all the outrage and anger Walsh has shown towards Armstrong, he has no objection to Merckx, who was also a cheat. I have no issue with people being against Armstrong but that is a massive level of hypocrisy. It'd be like saying "I dislike Luis Resto for cheating, but my favourite fighter is Antonio Margarito".

It's laughable that someone who has made plenty of money from being this supposed beacon of integrity in the fight against drugs in cycling is willing to hold Merckx up as the greatest of all time. If Walsh was an honest, fair man, he'd call Merckx out as the cheat he was. However, Walsh isn't honest and fair, he's a lying, hypocrite.

I have no time for people like him. They have no integrity at all. He'll try to differentiate between EPO and other PEDs but the fact is, a cheat is a cheat. Merckx took what was available to him and Armstrong took what was available to him. There's no difference between the two riders, and they should be judged in the same bracket, along with every other cheat.

bollox, there is a huge difference between a cyclist on peds vs a cyclist on peds plus EPO

you ****ing mug you dont have a clue, merckx never attacked walsh about his dead son either something armstrong done on numerous occasions, get your head out of your **** please
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