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Default Re: Greatest Middleweight once and for all- Greb? Monzon? Hagler?

Originally Posted by Lord Tywin View Post
I doubt that argument would convince me even if Scott was a top ten contender when he fought Monzon but the reality was that he wasnt. Go back and check the ratings.

I realize ratings arent the most reliable but when youve lost four of your last six, and the two fights you won were against guys who had lost their last five or six bouts in a row odds are you either arent getting rated or dont deserve your rating.

Did you ever see Scott fight? He was a really nice guy but he wasnt much of a fighter.

His fight with Benvenuti was a horrible stoppage, not that he would have won anyway.

His fight with Monzon was a worse stoppage than Monzon's bout with Denny Moyer, which was very controversial.

He took a bad beating from Max Cohen. That fight probably should have been stopped, and definately would have been stopped in Italy or Argentina had Cohen been Italian or Argentinean.
I appreciate your passion here but it really is a bit unnecessary; like I said I grabbed the first parallel example that occurred to me to illustrate a point about Greb. I really didn't think I'd be pounced upon. Scott was at one time top ten rated and to me that is loosely defined as reputable. Don't make out like I'm making a case for Monzon here.
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