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Default Re: Nonito donaire, a top 50 atg?

Originally Posted by Flea Man View Post

Nonito is a massive cutter.

Originally Posted by Flea Man View Post
I have Harada above Jofre in the 30-35 bracket.

Anyone disagrees? Come at me.
Originally Posted by lora View Post
Jofre for clearly for longevity and consistency.

Jofre for dominance.

Harada clearly for quality of opposition.
Originally Posted by LittleRed View Post
True. But its not Jofres fault Harada liked the parties and the ***y times. And unlike say Duran, Haradas habits cost him.
I liked what lora and LR said.....basically is what I think too...

In my mind, consistency is something really important (when you are not ducking top fighters, obviously, Iīm not talking about consistency that is earned through over-protectionism, you know what I mean)

The quality of opposition clearly belongs to Harada, nobody can say otherwise....impossible.

The problem is that, unfortunately, Jofreīs opposition became obscure... actually it was obscure even at the time, with some exceptions like Ernesto Miranda, Jose Smecca (gave Eder one of his toughest fights) and a few others relatively known (at least in South America) at those days.
Among these few others I remember reading on Roberto Castro, an argentinian that was considered a truly quality opponent, but unluckily the info on SA boxing in those days is not the best....

People get surprised when see Medelīs final record, with a lot of losses....this is so misleading IMO, I mean, you can see clearly in the case of Medel that he had a career strikingly mismanaged....with his skills, he could have been a monster at the weight in any era if he had a better management, I believe.

I think guys like Johnny Jamito became forgotten too, you know.....Piero Rollo !! Leo Espinoza, he was a bit past of his best days at the time Eder beat him but he was still good...still a top 10 ranked fighter IIRC.
Iīm just saying this because sometimes it looks like Eder didnīt face no one and the distance between the opposition of Eder and Harada is huge....
and itīs clear, but not that big imo...
I donīt think I can dispute Harada over Jofre though, Flea.......itīs a fine thing, I donīt agree with it, perhaps because in my criteria longevity and consistency counts more than in yours....

On Donaire... I would say Caraballo and Caldwell were better than Montiel or Darchinyan, IMO the best opponents Donaire faced so far....I like them both btw, especially Darchinyan.
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