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Default Re: 12 -15 rounds and scoring fights

Originally Posted by PhillyPhan69 View Post
I don't want to make this another thread about which is greater or safer etc. I was just wondering based upon the thread about fights you scored a draw....Has the change to 12 rounds increased the number of fights that are scored a draw...Not sure who has the time on their hands to figure that out.....Or at least in championship level type of fights, are draws a more frequent occurance? Or have there always been enough judges around who score even rounds that an odd/even number does not really impact either way?

Just asking as I think/believe/imagined??? that I score draws more commonly in this era than I used to?
The tradition of scoring a close fight a draw seems to have gone out the window. I suspect there were a lot more draws in the '15 round era' than now. As sadly things like the challenger having to win clearly, with the benefit of the doubt going to the champ, are no more.
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