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Default Re: Liston v Holyfield

Originally Posted by ticar View Post
it doesn't look when you look at the numbers,but i think there is a size advantage.maybe not like with lewis,that being cause liston is shorter
holy juiced hard with roids and hgh probably,and was 220 in his 30s
liston was 200 + as a teenager on prison food
liston obviously has a bigger frame,and with holy cheating regime,would be obviously bigger and stronger
i think liston would win,lewis beat him,and i take liston as a good outside fighter like lewis,and a better infighter.
lufcrazy,what is with you and this liston threads,are you starting to appreciate liston h2h ability?
Oddly enough yes. Two days ago he sat outside my top 15. I then decided he deserved a bit more credit for his resume (cleaning out the top 5) and this knocked him into my next tier.

Within a tier I split on h2h and I found myself placing liston above nearly everyone else in that tier which saw him enter my top 10 for the first time in ages.

I haven't picked here but I'm leaning towards Holy. However when faced with the choice between Liston and Wlad/Frazier/Langford/Dempsey it seemed like a no brained after comparing film of them.
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