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Default Re: Greatest Middleweight once and for all- Greb? Monzon? Hagler?

Originally Posted by burt bienstock View Post
K, so to you a Mike Gibbons, a Jeff Smith, an Eddie McGoorty,Buck Crouse, George Chip, Johnny Wilson, Mickey Walker etc, are not "notable" names ?
Have you read up on those middleweights so you can dismiss their achievments so readily.? Greb when he was on a roll fought every middleweight of note, regardless of colour, or style, bouncing around from town to town on trains, week to week, and not being able to nurse his
wounds so name me one of your favorite MWs, having the stamina, or courage to duplicate what this amazing MIDDLEWEIGHT accomplished in
his 300 bout career.? K, Don't you think that for Greb to lick the best MWs of his time, and defeating great LH Hall of Famers time and again, Greb
HAD to have tremendous skills, stamina and toughness, unparalleled in middleweight history ? If not HE, WHO ?.
Burt, they are "notable" names but nothing more. They don't stand the test of time is my point. They were somewhat notable for the time, but not much more than that. Now, when we take a look at their record.. their notability goes down even more. Much like Gunboat Smith.. Shannon Briggs.. These guys were both notable in their time, but looking back.. they really aren't in an all time sense. I already agree Greb is the better p4p fighter between all of them, and maybe of all time. Yet, we can't include his LHW.. and HW victories in that.. just because he still couldn't made the weight. It's like the Roberto Duran ****ogy I used. Should I say Roberto is one of the best WW of all time.. because he had some decent wins there... then go on to illustrate is dominate run at LW.. and how he fought at WW before SRL and could've gained weight to WW and beat people there even though he didn't.. WHY because HE COULD'VE? No.. just like I don't take his exploits and MW and conflate them with him being able to lose weight and make the WW limit and go.. **** if he was beating bigger guys.. he couldn't cut weight and beat those guys as well. You have to go by WHAT THEY ACTUALLY DID.. Not some fantasy hypothetical on what they could've done. Thus, Greb doesn't have a MW resume that stacks up to the top 4 imo.
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