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Default Where does Anthony Mundine rate all time among Australian boxers?

This got me to thinking:

Originally Posted by IntentionalButt View Post
Jimmy Lennon introduces Choc as "One of Australia's ATG athletes..."

Is he?

Is he considered Oz top-10 all-time in either rugby or boxing, let alone all of sport?
Originally Posted by irishny View Post
Certainly not rugby. He was an ok pro. Wasnt even one of the best at the time he was playing.

Boxing?...maybe in Oz
Originally Posted by OZ Puncher View Post
Not in eithe (he is very good at both though), but as a crossover he has been a standout.
Originally Posted by Nonito Smoak View Post
Anytime you're world class in two sports... pretty impressive.

And he is probably one of Australia's best boxers ever, depending how loose you throw the whole "ATG" thing around. Maybe an ATG Australian boxer, right?
Originally Posted by IntentionalButt View Post
Revisiting this, now that I have time...

He surely can't even be top 10 p4p all-time in Australian boxing? Can he?

Let's have a look. There must be ten better...

Of the current of today Geale certainly will have to go ahead of him when it's all said and done, however the rest of his career pans out. OK, maybe Geale's the only active one. With all due respect to Katsidis, Green, and Bika, none has made a case to be ahead of Mundine in the history books. Who else is there? Lovemore? Dib? Zappa? Leapai?

From the past: Hall of Famers, for starters. Nobody expects Mundine getting in, agreed? So Tszyu, Fenech, Darcy, and Griffo all by virtue of simply being in there.

Rose and Famechon, too, without question.

So we're up to seven. (in no particular order: Geale, Tszyu, Fenech, Darcy, Griffo, Famechon, Rose)

Here it gets tricky. Is he greater than Bugner? Carruthers? His own father? Some of the old-timers & pioneers we don't really have footage of?

Bottom line, if he's even top 10 all-time in Oz, he's toward the bottom end in the 8/9/10 spot - and there are a few guys you could quibble over bumping him out altogether.

All time great Australian athletes, period? I maintain that JLJ goofed.

Originally Posted by IntentionalButt View Post
According to Boxrec's points-based rating system, if he retires today he'll go down as #17 all time in the country. (squeaking ahead of Hector Thompson...and Famechon, which is ridiculous...)

What are your informed opinions?
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