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Default Re: Where does Anthony Mundine rate all time among Australian boxers?

Originally Posted by swingin View Post
quality of opposition must be taken into account, and how a fighter fared when pitted against the best.

Strongly agree.

Green & Geale are nice results on paper, but the latter is controversial. After that he's got Kim, Soliman x3, Echols, and I guess Thornberry as his next shiniest. Hardly the stuff of legend. That interim WBA title doesn't rate for me, nor does Rigo Alvarez himself.

On the theme of performance weighed against quality opposition, I thought Kessler beat him by nearer the Dutch judge's shutout card than the other two. Very little to criticize about the Dane's performance; he really controlled The Man. Getting dropped by Siaca and put to sleep by Ottke in your relative prime doesn't earn high marks, either.

Still, he did hang around a long time and remain in the rankings by hook or by crook. He beat a lot of so-so types comfortably enough and makes a case for himself just through longevity and having overachieved with a late start for boxing.
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