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Default Re: Who were the most durable heavyweights ever?

Originally Posted by young griffo View Post


This **** canning of past achievments because the old guys were a bit smaller (comparatively, even though they were still decent sized,skilled,fit guys who knew how to throw a punch ) is one of the more ridiculous things you see on boxing forums.

A 200 pound guy stays upright for a 15 round hammering against a 190 pounder yet it gets downplayed because the other guy isn't 6'7 and 240 pounds? So what.

Tough is tough, and if you were a hard man back then then you should be still considered a hard man now without holding the passage of time and advancements in nutrition, science and PED's against them.
This is durability we're talking about, not toughness (more of a mental trait, and something applicable at any level of the game).

And if you're talking about most durable heavyweights ever, then you can't make allowances for past eras that were deficient in certain physical traits that are commonly found in the most durable fighters.

Big men can (on average) take more of a beating than smaller men. Big men can also (on average) deliver harder punches as well. A big man routinely taking punches from other big men known to be hard punchers is considerably more durable in my books than a big man routinely taking punches from smaller men, or a smaller man taking punches from other smaller men. Other factors come into play, of course, but that's the benchmark.

So yes, it absolutely matters.

Originally Posted by MadcapMaxie View Post
The big punchers I mentioned were all over 200lbs actually...but anyway young griffo hit the nail on the head tough is tough, Cruiserweight Haye hurt Valuev more than anybody and he had like 70lbs on him, Fitz damn near killed Dunkhorst, Dempsey nearly killed Willard, Marciano did the same to Carmine Vingo etc. etc.
And how many of those smaller fighters destroyed other smaller opponents while being forced to bludgeon away at their larger foes? Haye had a phenomenal KO percentage at Cruiserweight, but could hardly dent Valuev. Dempsey knocked guys his own size clean out with one or two punches. He had to continually batter Willard to the canvas until Willard retired on his stool. Proves my point I think.
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