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Default Re: Froch v Kessler Broadcasting rights causing problems!!!!

Originally Posted by USA Rob View Post
Sky and Matchroom have found themselves in a touch position. I think they made assumptions that more fighters would sign with Matchroom, thay BoxNation would have gone under and that more promoters would be willing to co-promote with Hearn. This hasn't happened, although it does appear to be goong that way.

I still think the blame lays on Hatton & Maloneys shoulders. They couldb't deliver what Sky asked for. Big Shows, Packed Arenas, Stars being built and competative matchmaking. Hearn was the only one that was able to provide this on a consistant basis.

20 shows I agree is a stretch for Matchroom. But between Hatton & Maloney how many shows could they put on that would be the quality Sky are requesting. 6 a year at most.

I think Boxing on Sky has improved since they wet exclusive with Hearn, and I think in the next few year his talet pool will increase and he will be able to fill more than 20 dates with quality top to bottom. By no means is a Monopaly good for boxing, but if you have 2-3 major promoters instead of 5 the sport in this country will be much much better off.

Yeah, they probably did expect Eddie to sign more fighters once the exclusive deal was announced but you can't cut them slack for any assumptions they made.

You can't even blame Hatton and Maloney. It's upto Sky to enforce quality. They could have put their expectations into any new contract with Hatton. 6 shows from Hatton would have been enough if they were one of just two or three promoters. They've got Quigg, Vassell, Murray, Buckland, ****ens, Crolla amongst others. We could have had some great stacked cards with these guys if Hatton only got 5 dates.

That said, if it was up to me I'd have no contracts with anyone. I'd inform every British promoter that there's 20 dates to fill and it's upto them to, either individually or in conjunction with each other, put shows together. And the final call would be Sky's. That way even the likes of Coldwell would get a look in.
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